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Podcast with Therese Fostervold Mathisen

Therese Fostervold Mathisen has a master’s degree in sports nutrition from The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and Loughborough University (UK). She also has a bachelor degree in exercise physiology

Therese runs her own business, Thema Nutrition, where she provides services such as nutrition counseling, courses and lectures. She also writes articles for various websites and magazines.

From 2013 she has been a PhD student at The Norwegian School of Sport Scienses researching the effect of physical activity in the treatment of eating disorders.

Therese has also competed in both Athletic Fitness and powerlifting winning several gold, silver and bronze medals. 

Check out Thereses website: Thema Nutrition and she is also active on FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Researchgate

Also check out her site about her research (Norwegian).

In this podcast, Therese and I discussed eating disorders. Some of the questions we discussed where:

  1. Approximately how many athletes suffer from some sort of eating disorder and what type of eating disorders are common to see among athletes?
  2. Why is it that athletes and especially females are more prone to develop eating disorders?
  3. We often hear about the female athlete triad, but its become more common to talk about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) as males also seems to be effected. Could you explain a little about this?
  4. Could you explain what effect this can have on both performance and general health?
  5. For someone working with athletes, what are signs one should look after that can indicate that the athlete is suffering from an eating disorder and what should you do and not do to try to help the athlete as this is obviously a complex issue to work with?




About the author:

Juma Iraki

Juma Iraki is a certified Personal Trainer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutrition Sciences. He has also completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and is currently doing his Masters degree in Sports Nutrition at The University of Stirling.

He is the CEO of Iraki Nutrition AS and Head of Nutrition at AFPT where he lectures in Sports Nutrition. He also works as a business consultant for Proteinfabrikken in Norway and as a sports nutritionist for the National Judo Federation in Norway.