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Podcast with Martin MacDonald

Martin is a Clinical Performance Nutritionist and CEO of Mac Nutrition, the UK’s leading nutrition consultancy. He holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and postgraduates in Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition, along with the obligatory CSCS qualification. Martin and his team at Mac-Nutrition have recently launched Mac-Nutrition Uni, the UK’s only evidence-based, 12-month online nutrition course.

Although he may not look like it, Martin does even lift; he actually competed as a natural bodybuilder in several shows spanning 5 years, before giving up and blaming his lack of success on genetics.

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In this podcast, Martin and I discussed meal frequency and timing.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

1.Do you need to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism?

2.If someone is looking to optimize their results, how many meals should you aim for and do you have to eat every 2-3 hours?

3.How important is timing of meals pre and post workout?

4.Can eating high fat, low carb meals earlier in the day and low fat and high carb later in the day have any metabolic advantages?

5.Does eating at night have a negative effect on fat loss?




About the author:

Juma Iraki

Juma Iraki is a certified Personal Trainer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutrition Sciences. He has also completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and is currently doing his Masters degree in Sports Nutrition at The University of Stirling.

He is the CEO of Iraki Nutrition AS and Head of Nutrition at AFPT where he lectures in Sports Nutrition. He also works as a business consultant for Proteinfabrikken in Norway and as a sports nutritionist for the National Judo Federation in Norway.