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Podcast with Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset is an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in injury post-rehabilitation, and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, post-surgical recovery, congenital disorders, and cardiac recovery patients, as well as those looking to just move and feel better for day to day activities. He’s developed a reputation as a leading authority on training, mobility, and strength training.

In this podcast, Dean and I discussed mobility. Some of the things we discuss are:

1.What is mobility training?

2.What are the most common injuries you see with clients?

3.What are your favourite mobility exercises/drills and why?

4.What work and what doesn’t work to improve active range of motion?

5.Do you feel that people are doing too much mobility work these days?

6. Some clients might feel that mobility work is daunting, how do you get your clients to actually do their mobility work?

7. Can nutrition and supplements affect mobility?

8. What is your take home message?

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About the author:

Juma Iraki

Juma Iraki is a certified Personal Trainer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutrition Sciences. He has also completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and is currently doing his Masters degree in Sports Nutrition at The University of Stirling.

He is the CEO of Iraki Nutrition AS and Head of Nutrition at AFPT where he lectures in Sports Nutrition. He also works as a business consultant for Proteinfabrikken in Norway and as a sports nutritionist for the National Judo Federation in Norway.